George Bealer

George Bealer

Professor Emeritus
C 305
(203) 432-1698

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Logic, Philosophy of Language, and Metaphysics


Philosophy of Mind

Unpublished Manuscripts

  • “Knowledge Without Limits: A Semantical Paradox”
  • “New Definitions of Necessity and Possibility”
  • “Necessity Is Analyticity: A Proof”
  • “A New Theory of Concepts and the Solution to Frege’s Puzzle”
  • “Philosophy, Physics, and Intuition”
  • “Ramsification and Intensionality”
  • “Possibilist Language With Actualist Ontology”
  • “Hartry Field’s Nominalism”
  • “The Mind–Body Problem”
  • “Mental Causation”
  • “Gödel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem”
  • “In Defense of Abundant, vs. Sparse, Non–well–Founded Set Theories”

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