Tamar Szabo Gendler

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science

(203) 432-1665

Personal website (with papers and lecture slides)


Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Psychology, Epistemology and Metaphysics


Ph.D. 1996, Harvard

Current or Recent Courses Taught

  • Technologies of Knowledge (Seminar, F13; with Emily Greenwood and Francesco Casetti)
  • Philosophical Implications of Social Psychology (Seminar, F12)
  • Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature (Lecture course, S11, S12) (see http://oyc.yale.edu/philosophy/phil-181)
  • Senior Seminar for Cognitive Science Majors (Seminar, F06, S07, F07, S08, F08, S09, F10, S11)
  • Directed Studies; Philosophy (Freshman seminar in Directed Studies program, S07, S09, S13)
  • Philosophical Methodology (Graduate seminar, F08)
  • Life Lessons: What Philosophers Got Right about the Human Condition (Freshman seminar, S08)
  • Imagination (Seminar, F06)
  • Ethics (Lecture course, at Cornell University, S06)
  • Epistemology (Graduate course, at Cornell University, F06, S05)
  • Philosophy and Psychology (Seminar, at Cornell University, F04)
  • Knowledge and Reality (Lecture course, at Cornell University, F04)

Selected Publications

(for full listing, see CV)

Selected Articles

  • "The Third Horse:  On Unendorsed Association and Human Behavior," Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (forthcoming)
  • "Using Knowledge:  On the Philosophical Implications of Stereotype Threat" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming)
  • “On the Epistemic Costs of Implicit Bias,” Philosophical Studies (2011)
  • "Alief and Belief in Action (and Reaction)," Mind and Language (2008)
  • “Alief and Belief," Journal of Philosophy (2008)
  • “Self–Deception as Pretense,” Philosophical Perspectives: Philosophy of Mind (2008)
  • “Philosophical Thought Experiments, Intuitions and Cognitive Equilibrium,” Midwest Studies in Philosophy: Philosophy and the Empirical (2007)
  • “Imaginary Contagion,” Metaphilosophy (2006)
  • “Imaginative Resistance Revisited,” in The Architecture of the Imagination, Oxford University Press (2006)
  • “Genuine Rational Fictional Emotions” (with Karson Kovakovich). Contemporary Debates in Aesthetics, Blackwell (2005)
  • “A Real Guide to Fake Barns: A Catalogue of Gifts for your Epistemic Enemies” (with John Hawthorne). Philosophical Studies (2005)
  • “On the Relation between Pretense and Belief.” Imagination, Philosophy and the Arts. (Domenic Mclver Lopes & Matthew Kieran, eds.) Routledge (2003)
  • “The Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance,” The Journal of Philosophy, XCVII:2 (February 2000, pp. 55–81
  • “Galileo and the Indispensability of Scientific Thought Experiment.” The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (1998)

Collected Papers

  • Intuition, Imagination, and Philosophical Methodology: Selected Papers. Oxford University Press (2010)

Edited Volumes

  • The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology, Co-edited by Herman Cappelen, Tamar Szabo Gendler and John Hawthorne.  Oxford University Press (forthcoming) (collection of specially-commissioned essays)
  • Perceptual Experience. Co–edited with an introduction by Tamar Szabo Gendler and John Hawthorne. Clarendon/Oxford University Press (2006) (anthology of new papers)
  • Conceivability and Possibility. Co–edited with an introduction by Tamar Szabo Gendler and John Hawthorne. Clarendon/Oxford University Press, 2002 (anthology of new papers)

Edited Textbook

  • The Elements of Philosophy: Readings from Past and Present. Co–edited with Susanna Siegel and Steven M. Cahn, NY: Oxford University Press (2008) (Textbook; anthology of pre–existing and specially–prepared papers).

On–going Edited Journals

  • Oxford Studies in Epistemology. Co–edited with John Hawthorne (biannual journal)
  • Philosophy Compass, Epistemology Section (ongoing online journal, edited 2005-2008)