Christopher Lebron

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Asst Prof Afr Am Studies and Philosophy
81 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-6606

Chris Lebron is Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Philosophy. His interests include moral theory, political ethics, race, and method. His book, The Color Of Our Shame: Race and Justice In Our Time was published by Oxford University Press in August 2013 and was awarded First Book Prize by the American Political Science Association Foundations of Political Theory section. His article, “The Agony of a Racial Democracy,” was published in Theory & Event vol 15, no. 3, 2012, a symposium on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. His article “Equality From A Human Point Of View,” was published in Critical Philosophy of Race vol 2, no. 2 2014. His paper, “Thoughts on Racial Democratic Education and Moral Virtue” is forthcoming in Theory and Research in Education.  He is currently at work on his second book, From A Human Point of View: (Re)Imagining Racial Egalitarianism and a number of entries on race and philosophy: “Between Roots and Routes: On Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic” for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Classics In Political Theory; “Against Rage: Anger in the Black American Tradition, Democratic Ethics, and Reasonable Frustration” for The Routledge Companion to Race and Philosophy, and “The Importance of Black Literature as Moral and Political Testimony” for The Oxford Handbook to Race and Philosophy. Additionally, Chris has been active in public forums discussing race, social justice, and democratic ethics – most recently he has written for The Boston Review and The New York Times.