Sun-Joo Shin

Sun-Joo Shin

Professor of Philosophy
C 205
(203) 432-6971

Areas of Interests

Logic, Philosophy of Logic, History of Logic, Philosophy of Linguistics, Philosophy of Language


PhD 1991, Stanford University

Current or Recent Courses Taught

  • Logical Theory
  • Introduction to logic
  • Formal Semantics
  • Visual Thinking
  • Philosophy of Linguistics
  • Mind and Language
  • Introduction to Philosophy

Selected Publications

  • The Iconic Logic of Peirce’s Graphs (MIT, Bradford), 2002.
  • The logical Status of Diagrams, Cambridge, 1994.
  • “Diagrams” (with Oliver Lemon), Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2001.
  • “Reviving the Iconicity of Beta Graphs,” Theory and Application of Diagrams, Springer, 2000.
  • “Reconstituting Beta Graphs into an Efficacious System,” Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 1999.
  • “Kant’s Syntheticity Revisited by Peirce,” Synthese, 1998.
  • “Euler’s Visual Logic” (with Eric Hammer), History and Philosophy of Logic 19, 1998.
  • “A Situation–Theoretic Account of Valid Reasoning with Venn Diagrams,” Logical Reasoning with Diagrams, Barwise and Allwein (eds.), Oxford, 1996.
  • “Peirce and the Logical Status of Diagrams,” History and Philosophy of Logic, 1994.

Works in Progress

  • “Diagrams and Logical form”
  • “Carnap through a Quninean Lenz”