Gaurav Varzirani

Areas of Interest:

I did my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University before coming to Yale in 2004 to pursue a PhD in philosophy.  At Yale, I have been working with Shelly Kagan and Jules Coleman on a dissertation that focuses on the role of epistemic limitations in normative ethics and the law. Specifically, I am trying to work out a theory for risky actions (especially when they do not eventuate in harm).  In working out such a theory, I explore the implications for other debates in ethics— particularly the debate between objectivists and subjectivists. Beyond issues in ethics and philosophy of law, I also have strong interests in eastern philosophy, philosophy of race and gender, and metaphysics.   Apart from research, I am very interested in teaching philosophy, both at the college and high school levels (and perhaps even at younger levels). In 2008, Arik (scroll up) and I developed and acquired funding (through Yale and the Squire Family Foundation) for a philosophy outreach program, which has afforded us an opportunity to teach a class on critical thinking and philosophy at a local public high school.  I have also been an advisor (and previous attendee of) the Rutgers Institute for Diversity in Philosophy since 2003.  Both of these programs attempt to expand the range of people exposed to philosophy (I myself, wouldn’t have chosen this path but for the Diversity program), and I hope to continue developing such programs in the future