Graduate courses 2020-21

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PHIL 567  Mathematical Logic I  Sun-Joo Shin
PHIL 616  Philosophy of Spinoza  Michael Della Rocca
PHIL 625  Topics in Epistemology  Keith DeRose
PHIL 634  Disagreement and Higher-Order Evidence  John Pittard
PHIL 637 Philosophy of Mathematics  Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 643   Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Intersubjectivity    Paul Franks
PHIL 644 / WGSS 644, Social Ontology  Robin Dembroff
PHIL 655  Normative Ethics  Shelly Kagan
PHIL 657 / PLSC 611, Recent Work on Justice  Thomas Pogge
PHIL 660  Hylomorphism: A Critical Assessment of Aristotle’s and Neo-Aristotelian TheoriesDavid Charles
PHIL 671  Moral Emotions  Stephen Darwall
PHIL 705 First-Year Seminar  Michael Della Rocca and Laurie Paul
PHIL 719  Faith and the Will  John Pittard
PHIL 729 / LATN 732  Seneca: Letters on Ethics  Brad Inwood
PHIL 750 Tutorial  (spring or fall)Zoltán Szabó   By arrangement with faculty.
PHIL 752  Metaphysics  Laurie Paul


PHIL 610 / PSYC 610  The Self Over Time: Psychological and Philosophical Approaches  Paul Bloom and Laurie Paul
PHIL 611  Early Modern Philosophy of Language  Zoltán Szabó and Kenneth Winkler
PHIL 626  The Cognitive Science of Morality     Joshua Knobe

PHIL 627  Computability and Logic  Sun-Joo Shin
PHIL 639  Modal Logic  Sun-Joo Shin
PHIL 642   Language and Power  Jason Stanley

PHIL 664   Justice, Taxes, and Global Financial Integrity  Thomas Pogge
PHIL 675   Ethics and the Future  Shelly Kagan

PHIL 677  / WGSS 677  Feminist Philosophy: Theories of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation  Robin Dembroff
PHIL 706   Work in Progress I  Laurie Paul
PHIL 750 Tutorial  (spring or fall)Zoltán Szabó   By arrangement with faculty.

PHIL 754   Recent Work in Analytic Philosophy of Religion  Keith DeRose and John Pittard

PHIL 756 / CLSS 802  Plato’s Protagoras  Verity Harte and Brad Inwood

PHIL 762  Idealization and Model-Building in Science and Philosophy  Daniel Greco and Timothy Williamson