Graduate courses 2021-2022

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PHIL 567 Mathematical Logic I, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 570 Epistemology, Keith DeRose

PHIL 601 Skepticism: Historical and Recent, Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 624 Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, Paul Franks and Hugo Havranek

PHIL 637 Philosophy of Mathematics, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 650 The Problem of Evil, Keith DeRose and Miroslav Volf

PHIL 659 Philosophy of Citizenship, Jeremy Lent

PHIL 668 Metaethics, Stephen Darwall

PHIL 705 First-Year Seminar, Shelly Kagan and Daniel Greco

PHIL 750 Tutorial, Stephen Darwall

PHIL 758 The First Person, L.A. Paul

PHIL 760 Language and Convention, Zoltán Szabó

PHIL 763 Friendship and Egoism: Nicomachean Ethics 9, Brad Inwood and David Charles

PHIL 780 Methods in Metaphysics, Robin Dembroff


PHIL 620 Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, Alexander Meehan

PHIL 625 Topics in Epistemology, Keith DeRose

PHIL 627 Computability and Logic, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 628 Ancient Moral Psychology, David Charles

PHIL 639 Modal Logic, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 641 Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir, Manon Garcia

PHIL 642 Language and Power, Jason Stanley

PHIL 653 Good and Will, Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 655 Normative Ethics, Shelly Kagan

PHIL 665 Recent Work in Ethical Theory, Stephen Darwall

PHIL 657 Recent Work on Justice, Thomas Pogge

PHIL 669 Pragmatics, Laurence Horn

PHIL 667 Feminist Philosophy: Theories of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, Robin Dembroff

PHIL 692 Metaphysics Meets Cognitive Science: Objects, Causation, Time, and Self, L.A. Paul and Brian Scholl

PHIL 706 Works in Progress I, L. A. Paul

PHIL 717 Recent Work and Research in Epistemology, Jason Stanley and Timothy Williamson

PHIL 723 Metaphysics and Epistemic Self-Trust, John Pittard

PHIL 731 Theological Predication and Divine Attributes, John Pittard

PHIL 750 Tutorial, Stephen Darwall