Graduate Courses 2022-2023

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PHIL 614 Mind in Modern Philosophy, Kenneth Winkler and Bridger Ehli

PHIL 626 The Cognitive Science of Morality, Joshua Knobe

PHIL 634 Disagreement and Higher-Order Evidence, John Pittard

PHIL 637 Philosophy of Mathematics, Michael Burton

PHIL 644 Social Ontology, Robin Dembroff

PHIL 658 Morality and Evolution, Stephen Darwall

PHIL 663 Varieties of Explanatory Relations, Lily Hu and Issa Kohler-Hausmann

PHIL 664 Justice, Taxes, and Global Financial Integrity, Thomas Pogge

PHIL 666 German Idealism and Religion, Paul Franks and Robert Stern

PHIL 705 First-Year Seminar, Stephen Darwall and Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 719 Faith and the Will, John Pittard

PHIL 736 Stoicism, Brad Inwood

PHIL 750 Tutorial, Zoltán Szabó


PHIL 567 Mathematical Logic, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 619 Descartes, Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 623 Philosophy of Probability, Alexander Meehan

PHIL 625 Topics in Epistemology, Keith De Rose and Timothy Williamson

PHIL 627 Computability and Logic, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 655 Normative Ethics, Shelly Kagan

PHIL 657 Recent Work on Justice, Thomas Pogge

PHIL 678 Nonclassical Logics, Michael Burton

PHIL 687 Philosophy of the Ordinary and the Extraordinary, Paul Franks

PHIL 706 Work in Progress I, LA Paul

PHIL 715 Philosophy of Law: Normative Jurisprudence, Gideon Yaffe

PHIL 750 Tutorial

PHIL 761 Normative, Legal, and Empirical Analyses of Discrimination, Lily Hu and Issa Kohler-Hausmann

PHIL 770 Mass Incarceration in the Soviet Union and the United States, Jason Stanley and Timothy Snyder

PHIL 775 Causation, LA Paul and Zoltán Szabó

PHIL 790 Plato Sophist, Verity Harte and David Charles