Graduate Program Climate Committee

The climate committee, consisting of two graduate students selected by their peers and two faculty members, exists to advise the department on issues relating to the establishment and maintenance of a healthy, inclusive and collegial atmosphere in the department. The committee welcomes both proposals in this regard and expressions of general concern, from graduate students and faculty alike; it meets periodically to review this input and will report it to the department along with any recommendations the committee may have for action. Matters that are urgent or that require confidentiality will be referred promptly to the chair. The chair and DGS may also consult the committee about relevant issues that may arise.

Any graduate student or faculty member who has an individual or personal concern involvingĀ particular events or behaviors detrimental to the maintenance of a healthy, inclusive and collegial atmosphere in the department is encouraged to contact any member of the committee in confidence for consideration by the committee. The committee is not itself empowered to act on such individual concerns but will do its best to direct the complainant to the appropriate resource or authority at the departmental or university level. It will also take note of any issues of general import that may arise from such an individual concern.