Symposium on Skills and Practices

March 10, 2014

The department will host a conference during the weekend of April 4-6: The Yale Symposium on Skills and PracticesThe symposium brings together ethicists, epistemologists, cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers of action, and ancient philosophers for interdisciplinary discussion of Socratic Intellectualism. Is Socratic Intellectualism best thought of as a thesis about knowledge or belief? What is the relation between Socratic intellectualism about motor skill and about habit? How should we think of the relation of states underlying and habit and the tacit states underlying grammatical and semantic competence? The speakers are Ursula Coope, Ellen Fridland, Tamar Gendler, Sean Kelly, John Krakauer, Barbara Montero, Alva Noe, Carlotta Pavese, Peter Railton, and Michael Thompson.