Undergraduate Courses 2020-2021

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DRST 003/004 Directed Studies: Philosophy (DS)  

Fall: Dan Greco, Verity Harte, David Charles, Andrew Werner, Paul Grimstad, Mordechai Levy-Eichel

Spring: Paul Franks, Zoltan Szabo, Mark Maxwell, Anthony Kronman, Paul Grinstad, Mordechai Levy-Eichel, Andrew Werner

Fall Courses

PHIL 022 Philosophy of Masculinities     Robin Dembroff

PHIL 125 / CLCV 125 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy     Brad Inwood

 PHIL 179  Life     Shelly Kagan 

 PHIL 202 / RLST 277 Existentialism     Noreen Khawaja

PHIL 263 Skepticism, Faith, Evidence, and Rationality     Keith DeRose

 PHIL 267 Math Logic     Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 271 / LING 271  Philosophy of Language     Zoltan Szabo

PHIL 274 / GMAN 254 / JDST 335 / RLST 249 Jewish Philosophy     Paul Franks

PHIL 281 Infinity     Mark Maxwell

PHIL 311 / RLST 303 The End of Metaphysics     Nancy levene

PHIL 395 / CGSC 395 Junior Colloquium in Cognitive Science   Joshua Knobe

PHIL 416  The Philosophy of Spinoza     Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 421 John Rawls     Thomas Pogge

PHIL 425 Topics in Epistemology     Keith DeRose

PHIL 434 Disagreement and Higher-Order Evidence     John Pittard

PHIL 437 Philosophy of Mathematics      Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 443   Subjectivity, Objectivity, Inter-Subjectivity     Paul Franks

PHIL 444 / WGSS 432 Social Ontology     Robin Dembroff

PHIL 455 / EP&E 334 Normative Ethics     Shelly Kagan

PHIL 457 / EP&E 235 Recent Work on Justice     Thomas Pogge

PHIL 460 Hylomorphism: A Critical Assessment of Aristotle’s and Neo-Aristotelian Theories     David Charles

PHIL 462 / WP&E 362 The Morality of Reparations     Stephen Darwall

Tutorial and Senior Essay Courses

PHIL 480 Tutorial   (Either semester)    Daniel Greco

A reading course supervised by a member of the department and satisfying the following conditions: (1) the work of the course must not be possible in an already existing course; (2) the course must involve a substantial amount of writing, i.e., a term essay or a series of short essays; (3) the student must meet with the instructor regularly, normally for at least an hour a week; (4) the proposed course of study must be approved by both the director of undergraduate studies and the instructor.

PHIL 490 (Fall) and PHIL 491  (Spring) The Senior Essay      Daniel Greco

The essay, written under the supervision of a member of the department, should be a substantial paper; a suggested length is between 8,000 and 12,000 words for one-term projects, and between 12,500 and 15,000 words for two-term projects. Students completing a one-term project should enroll in either 490 in the fall or 491 in the spring. Students completing a two-term project should enroll in both 490 and 491. The deadline for senior essays completed in the fall is December 5; the deadline for both one- and two-term senior essays completed in the spring is April 21.

Spring Courses

PHIL 115 First-Order Logic     Kenneth Winkler

PHIL 126  Introduction to Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant     Keith DeRose

PHIL 128  Philosophy, Gender, and Patriarchy     Robin Dembroff

PHIL 130 /  EDST 135 Philosophy of Education     Jason Stanley

PHIL 175 Introduction to Ethics    Shelly Kagan

PHIL 178 Introduction to Political Philosophy     Thomas Pogge

PHIL 202 Existentialism  / RLST 277  Noreen Khawaja

PHIL 203 / EALL 212  Ancient Chinese Thought     Mick Hunter

PHIL 205 / EALL 213 / HUMS 292 / RLST 211  Philosophy, Religion, and Literature in Medieval China    Lucas Bender

PHIL 214 The Philosophies of Hegel and Schelling     Paul Franks

PHIL 227  / ENGL 268 / LITR 463 / HUMS 254  Literature and Philosophy, Revolution to Romanticism     Jonathan Kramnick 

PHIL 326 / RLST 402  The Philosophy of Religion     John Pittard

PHIL 410 / PSYC 410 The Self Over Time: Psychological and Philosophical Approaches     Laurie Paul, Paul Bloom 

PHIL 411 Early Modern Philosophy of Language     ZoltanSzabo, Kenneth Winkler

PHIL 426  The Cognitive Science of Morality     Joshua Knobe

PHIL 427 Computability and Logic     Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 439 Modal Logic     Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 442 Language and Power     Jason Stanley

PHIL 445  / LING 376 Implicature and Pragmatic Theory     Laurence Horn

PHIL 447 / GMAN 321  Aesthetics of Existence, Life as a Work of Art?     Thomas Khurana

PHIL 464 Justice, Taxes, and Global Financial Integrity     Thomas Pogge

PHIL 472 Contemporary Critical Theory     Seyla Benhabib

PHIL 475 Ethics and the Future     Shelly Kagan

PHIL 499 / CLCV 320  Before Socrates   Brad Inwood