Undergraduate Courses 2021-2022

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DRST 003/004 Directed Studies: Philosophy (DS)  

Fall: David Charles, Michael Della Rocca, Daniel Ferguson, Paul Grimstad, Mordechai Levy-Eichel, John Pittard, Terence Renaud, Zoltan Szabo

Spring: Keith DeRose, Daniel Ferguson, Paul Franks, Manon Garcia, Mark Maxwell

Fall Courses

PHIL 088 The Transformative experience,  L. A.  Paul

PHIL 091 Philosophy of Games, Mark Maxwell

PHIL 115 First order logic, Alexander Meehan

PHIL 125 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy, Brad Inwood

PHIL 176 Death, Shelly Kagan

PHIL 200 Plato, Daniel Ferguson

PHIL 267 Math Logic, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 269 Philosophy of Science, Daniel Greco

PHIL 270 Epistemology, Keith DeRose

PHIL 271 Philosophy of Language, Jason Stanley

PHIL 276 Metaphysics, Robin Dembroff

PHIL 344 Feministy Ethics, Moya Mapps

PHIL 401 Skepticism, Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 424 Hegel’s Phenomenology of spirit, Paul Franks and Hugo Havranek

PHIL 433 Mass Incarceration in the  Soviet Union and the United States, Jason Stanley and Tim Snyder

PHIL 437 Philosophy of Math, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 450 Problem of Evil, Keith DeRose

PHIL 459 Philosophy of Democratic Citizenship, Jeremy Lent

PHIL 461 Art and Morality, Mario Attie

PHIL 468 Metaethics, Stephen Darwall

Tutorial and Senior Essay Courses

PHIL 480 Tutorial   (Either semester)    Paul Franks

A reading course supervised by a member of the department and satisfying the following conditions: (1) the work of the course must not be possible in an already existing course; (2) the course must involve a substantial amount of writing, i.e., a term essay or a series of short essays; (3) the student must meet with the instructor regularly, normally for at least an hour a week; (4) the proposed course of study must be approved by both the director of undergraduate studies and the instructor.

PHIL 490 (Fall) and PHIL 491  (Spring) The Senior Essay      Paul Franks

The essay, written under the supervision of a member of the department, should be a substantial paper; a suggested length is between 8,000 and 12,000 words for one-term projects, and between 12,500 and 15,000 words for two-term projects. Students completing a one-term project should enroll in either 490 in the fall or 491 in the spring. Students completing a two-term project should enroll in both 490 and 491. The deadline for senior essays completed in the fall is December 5; the deadline for both one- and two-term senior essays completed in the spring is April 21.

Spring Courses

PHIL 105 Strong Men: Ties Between Patriarchy and Fascism, Robin Dembroff and Jason Stanley  Cancelled

PHIL 126 Introduction to Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant, Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 175 Introduction to Ethics, Shelly Kagan

PHIL 182 Perspectives on Human Nature, Joshua Knobe

PHIL 204 Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, Paul Franks

PHIL 316 Aristotle’s Ethics and Its Neo-Aristotelian Revival, David Charles

PHIL 405 Ethics of the Internet: Data, Algorithms, and Society,  Joanna Blake-Turner (Lawson)

PHIL 417 Animal Ethics Today, Jennifer Daigle

PHIL 420 Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, Alexander Meehan

PHIL 425 Topics in Epistemology, Keith DeRose

PHIL 427 Computability and Logic, Sun-Joo, Shin

PHIL 428 Ancient Moral Psychology, David Charles

PHIL 439 Modal Logic, Sun-Joo Shin

PHIL 441 Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir, Manon Garcia

PHIL 442 Language and Power, Jason Stanley

PHIL 447 The Prophetic Tradition and Democracy, Alex Ozar

PHIL 453 Good and Will, Michael Della Rocca

PHIL 455 Normative Ethics, Shelly Kagan

PHIL 456 Human and Divine in Ancient Ethics, Brad Inwood and Jake Rohde

PHIL 457 Recent Work on Justice, Thomas Pogge

PHIL 462 Morality of Reparations, Stephen Darwall

PHIL 465 Recent work on Ethical Theory, Stephen Darwall

PHIL 492 Metaphysics meets Cognitive Science, L.A Paul and Brian Scholl