Graduate Placement

The placement records of the Philosophy Department’s 2008-2016 Ph.D.’s are listed below by the year in which the Ph.D. degree was awarded. The names of the graduates are withheld for privacy. If you are a Philosophy Department Alum please  update your contact information if needed.

Year of Ph.D. Job Title Employer Dissertation title
2016 Assistant Prof. University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN Leibniz on Metaphysical Perfection
2016 Post-Doctoral Bowdoin College Grounding, Definition, and the Definition of Grounding
2016 Post-Doctoral Princeton University Relating as Equals
2016 Instructor Quinnipiac University Exploring Both Sides: Plato’s New Method for First Principles
2016 Post-Doctoral University of Connecticut Impossibility of the Liar


Assistant Prof., tenure-track University of Louisville, KY Epistemic Fictionalism
2015 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Rationality’s Demands on Belief
2015 Post Doctoral New York Univ. Rationality’s Demands on Belief
2015 Post Doctoral Johns Hopkins Univ. Receiving and Making Aristotle’s Intellect: A New Assessment of Averroes and Aquinas
2015 Post Doctoral Harvard Univ. The Psychological Representation of Modality
2015 Post Doctoral Australian National Univ. External Relationships in Political Philosophy
2014 Post Doctoral Univ. of Chicago

The Union of Thought and Being in Spinoza

2014 Visiting Assistant Professor Fairfield Univ. Truth, Art, and Faith: Nietzsche’s Recovery of the Sacred
2014 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Univ. of Puget Sound Envy
2013 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Ohio State Univ. Finite Minds as Little Gods: Leibniz on Final Causation and Freedom
2013 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Yale Divinity School Disagreement, Rationality, and Religious Belief
2013 Assistant Prof., tenure-track MIT Conditionals: Interactions with Adverbs, Modals, and Tense
2013 Assistant, Prof., tenure-track College of DuPage, IL Persistence and Essence
2013 Post Doctoral Yale Univ. What Decision-Making Teaches About Belief
2013 Assistant Prof. School of Philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

Kierkegaard and Philosophical Eros

2012 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Univ of California, Berkeley

Aristotle and Eleatic Monism

2012 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Univ. of Mississippi

Demonstration in Hume’s Treatise

2012 Faculty, tenure-track Seoul National Univ.

Identity and the Problem of Alienation

2012 NA Did not seek academic employment A complex in a second-personal context : a philosophical account of romantic love
2011 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Franklin and Marshall College, PA

Events in Progress, Dispositions, and Teleology

2011 Assistant Prof., tenure-track UC Davis The Duty to Adopt
2011 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Grasping the Infinite: Descartes’ Meditations as an Exercise in Transcendental Philosophy
2010 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Rice Univ. Achievements
2010 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Univ. of Kentucky

Heidegger and the Task of Philosophy

2009 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Columbia Univ., Barnard College Descartes’s Rationalist Epistemology: Intuition, Certainty, and the Pervasive Role of Modality
2009 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Weber State Univ., Utah Fictional Characters as Abstract Artifacts
2009 Associate Prof., tenure-track Southern Connecticut State Univ.

Structural Incompleteness

2009 Assistant Prof., tenure-track The New School, NY

Kant’s Critique of Spinoza

2008 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Northern Illinois Univ.

Skeptical Hypotheses and A Priori Justification”.

2008 Visiting position St. Anselm college, NH

Take All My Guilt Away: The Transformative Project and Promise of Forgiveness”.

2008 Assistant Prof., tenure-track Yale-NUS

Living By Contemplation: Theoria, Self-Maintenance, and Flourishing in Aristotle’s Ethics”.