Welcome Brad Inwood, Professor of Classics and Philosophy

June 3, 2015

Brad Inwood is delighted to be coming to Yale after many years of teaching Classics and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. The Joint Program at Yale provides an exciting prospect for building his subject, ancient philosophy. His research is mostly in later Greek and Roman philosophy, Stoicism and most recently the Aristotelian tradition of moral philosophy (Ethics After Aristotle Harvard UP 2014). He is looking forward to teaching GREK 413 (Socrates and Alcibiades) and PHIL 125/CLCV 125 (Introduction to Ancient Philosophy) in the fall as well as a graduate seminar, PHIL 740/CLSS 880 on the Roman Philosopher Seneca in the spring.   Prof. Inwood’s office will be located in the Classics Department in Phelps Hall.