Faculty Books

Michael Della Rocca

Asaf Angermann

Please see the publisher’s website: https://www.kibutz-poalim.co.il/erziehung_zur_mundigkeit
Thomas Pogge

Jason Stanley

Focusing on the shortcomings of liberal democratic states, Stanley provides a historically grounded introduction to democratic political theory as a window into the misuse of democratic vocabulary for propaganda’s selfish purposes. He lays out historical examples, such as the restructuring of the...
Asaf Angermann

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Stephen Darwall

Stephen Darwall presents a series of essays that explore the view that central moral concepts are irreducibly second-personal, in that they entail mutual accountability and the authority to address demands. He illustrates the power of the second-personal framework to illuminate a wide variety of...
Gideon Yaffe

Gideon Yaffe presents a ground-breaking work which demonstrates the importance of philosophy of action for the law. Many people are serving sentences not for completing crimes, but for trying to. So the law governing attempted crimes is of practical as well as theoretical importance. Questions...