Faculty Books

John Pittard

The striking extent of religious disagreement suggests that religious conviction is very often the result of processes that do not reliably produce true beliefs. For this reason, many have argued that the only rational response to religious disagreement is to adopt a religious skepticism that...
Shelly Kagan

Uehiro Series in Practical Ethics

Most people agree that animals count morally, but how exactly should we take animals into account? A prominent stance in contemporary ethical discussions is that animals have the same moral status that people do, and so in moral deliberation the similar interests of animals and people should be...
Zoltán Szabó

Michael Della Rocca

Please see the publisher’s website: https://www.kibutz-poalim.co.il/erziehung_zur_mundigkeit
Thomas Pogge

Jason Stanley

Focusing on the shortcomings of liberal democratic states, Stanley provides a historically grounded introduction to democratic political theory as a window into the misuse of democratic vocabulary for propaganda’s selfish purposes. He lays out historical examples, such as the restructuring of the...