Jennifer Daigle

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Before joining the department, Jennifer completed her M.A. at Georgia State University, where she wrote her thesis on Aristotle and moral responsibility, defending a compatibilist-friendly reading of Aristotle’s view. She received her B.A. in philosophy at Providence College, focusing on topics in the ethical thinking of Simone Weil and Iris Murdoch for her senior thesis. Her interests are broadly situated in moral philosophy and psychology, as well as ancient philosophy, and include such topics as: the moral emotions, free will and moral responsibility (especially Strawsonian compatibilism and normative competence views), and Aristotle’s ethics. Jennifer is currently working on defending the not-so-popular view of shame as a moral emotion, researching the effects of knowledge of formative circumstances on people’s moral responsibility judgments, and thinking about love and its reasons (really, Frankfurt’s Love, and its reasons, and why it’s so unsatisfying).